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Default Canning Beets

Hi, I want to can beets once they are ready in a few months and I can not seem to find much information on how to can beets that are not pickled. Has anyone had any experience with canning beets? Do you have to use a pressure cooker? What liquid do you use to can with?
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I fins this site useful for some things....searched for canning beets (not pickling) and got this link.

Hope it helps
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Default canning beets

I can a lot of stuff, including meat, and yes,you need a pressure cooker at 10 psi.
When acidity is not in the equation (tomatoes, pickles), or sugar and acididy( jams etc..) pressure is the only way to go.
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Canadamike, I am not saying to not use a pressure cooker. Best to be safe, I guess. But I, and everyone around me, grew up on vegetables and meat canned in a regular pot.
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I have canned beets in a pressure canner for a few years. They are simple. I just put in the cubed and diced beets with water and a half teaspoon of salt per quart. Pressure them for about 25 mins or half an hour (look it up to be sure).

When ready to make a meal, simply open the bottle and heat up the beets for table use.
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I can fresh beets every year and do as kellysgarden suggested, and they taste great! We're above 1,000 feet, so have to can at 15 pounds.
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I would love to see some of your recipes!! Especially any recipes you have for canning meats would be most helpful.

Recipes with or without a pressure cooker would be greatly appreciated and I love food in general so, feel free to surprise me (us) with your specialties and family favorites!!

Also, maybe whatever you have found to be your most often used winter staples.

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I love the Ball Blue Books. My new one is circa 2005. Personally I would try any colored beet, but have only grown Detroit Dark Reds. Carrot cake substituting beets makes a tasty quick bread. Though the dough will be pinker. Here's a good recipe.

pg65 Pressure Canned
2-3 1/2# red beets per quart, 1-2" diameter

Wash beets; drain. leave 2" of stems & tap root on beets. Boil until skins slip off. Remove skins; trim. Slice, dice or leave beets whole. Pack beets into hot jars, leaving 1" headspace. Add 1/2 tsp. salt to each pint jar, 1 tsp. to each quart jar, if desired. Ladle boiling water over beets, leaving 1" headspace. Remove air bubbles. Adjust two-piece caps. Process pints 30 mins., quarts 35 mins., @ 10# pressure in a steam-pressure canner.

pg110 Dried
Choose any variety with deep-red color & smooth skins. Wash; remove all but 1" pf stem and tap root. Steam about 30 mins. or until tender. Cool; peel; trim stem & tap root. Cut into 1/4" slices or dice. Dry @ 125*F until leathery. Use in soups or reconstitute as a vegetable. Water content 87%.

pg100 Frozen
Select uniformly-deep red, tender beets. Leave 2" of stem & tap root; wash; cook until tender. Cool and remove skins, stem & tap root. Leave whole, quarter, slice or dice. Pack beets into can-or-freeze jars, plastic freezer boxes or vacuum package. Seal, label & freeze.
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beets, canning beets

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