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Little Minnie
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Default When will the catalogs be out?

I have not received the regular catalog or members yearbook yet. Frankly my seed orders are about ready to send and there is nothing more I need that I haven't found. Looking through the online listings is not for me. If I had something I wanted to find that wasn't somewhere else I would find it there but I am more of a peruser and the yearbook was why I joined. To read about all the varieties available was exciting. Now $40 later and seed orders about done I don't see any reason why I joined. Also there is no trading going on here on the forum. Should I except either catalog soon?
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steve apple seed
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if you have not received the seed catalog, you should call the SSE office and let them know, the catalog was out early December 2011, the yearbook usually doesn't arrive until early February. Don't give up just yet, delays can happen sometimes.
Steve Apple Seed
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Sorry to hear that you haven't received the catalog yet, Little Minnie. You can either request another copy here or call our customer service ((563) 382-5990) desk to have one sent your way. The print Yearbook will be hitting mailboxes early February.
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