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Default Pruning winter squash to encourage fruit growth

I am in the Pacific NW, and am growing a winter squash, that I believe is Kabocha. It is late August, and the fruits are rather small still, and the plant is continuing to set new fruits. I'm concerned that none of the fruits will grow to harvestable size, and would like to encourage the plant to focus growing energy on the fruits that are already set. Would you recommend pruning for this? If so, should I prune new fruit-set? Whole shoots?

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Stripping off some of the newly set fruit will encourage the older fruit to grow bigger. Pruning off shoots will decrease the fruit size but encourage faster maturation of the fruit in general.
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If you clip off some of the newer fruit, try cooking them like Summer squash: Winter squash are often very good that way and a nice change from zucchini.
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