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Default Some of my pepper seeds are brown - are they okay?

I'm totally new at seed saving but am very excited. A couple of days ago I cut open some green bell peppers and some Jalepeno's to use in canning and to save the seeds.

The green bell peppers had been on the counter for a couple of days and when I cut it open some of the seeds were brownish and the rest were white.

Same thing with some jalepeno's that were refrigerated...some seeds brownish and some were white.

The peppers were not molded or anything like that, they were perfectly okay to eat, etc..

Anyone know why? And if they are okay to keep.
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Sometimes you get brown seeds even from peppers you just cut open. I haven't run a germination test on those seeds, I just discard them.
Also, just so you know, green peppers and jalapenos are not ripe when they are green, they have to be red and very ripe for viable seeds. I found this out years back when I grew Purple Beauty and didn't wait for them to turn red. I think I had maybe 25% germination rate, maybe. I realized what I had done, waited for the peppers to ripen and had almost 100% germination.
Just a heads up on what to expect if you don't wait for them to ripen all the way.

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In this case, the brown ones may have been closest to mature or viable. When fully ripe, most peppers seeds are supposed to be brown or tan. not white.
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