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Default pole wax

It used to be said that for most bean varieties, there was both a bush habit version and a pole habit version. I remember seed catalogues where that seemed true. No longer.

Consider straight, round-podded (pencil) yellow (wax) beans. Bush varieties include:
Brittle Wax
Cherokee Wax aka Beautiful Wax, Cherokee Yellow Pod, Surecrop Stringless, Valentine Wax
Gold Dust
Gold Mine
Gold Rush Wax
Goldcrop Wax aka Golden Bountiful Wax
Golden Wax
Improved Golden Wax aka Rustproof Golden Wax, Topnotch Golden Wax
Pencil Pod Black Wax aka Butterbean Wax, Eastern Black Wax
Rocdor aka Roc d'Or Yellow Wax

Then consider the pencil-pod wax pole beans:
[Kentucky Wonder Wax are neither round-podded nor yellow]
Yellow Wax

SeedSavers should take a particular interest in pole beans; commercial interests will attend to bush varieties. There used to be more varieties of pole wax beans. Perhaps SeedSavers is saving some of them. They should make a concerted effort to offer a round-podded, yellow, pole bean for sale.
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There are 27 bean/pole/wax varieties listed in the online yearbook at Seedsavers. Some of those you have listed are there. There may be more in the printed version. Hope this helps.
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They should make a concerted effort to offer a round-podded, yellow, pole bean for sale.
Consider that SSE is divided into two parts; the commercial side (represented by the retail catalog) and the preservation side (represented by the Yearbook).

Like any commercial operation, the SSE catalog will sell what the market demands... and they do sell pole wax beans. The flat-podded wax varieties are popular. They can't reasonably be expected to carry every class of vegetable in the retail catalog.

Through the Yearbook, though, SSE has offered quite a few round-podded varieties, such as BB Wax. I grow several pole varieties with round or slightly flattened pods, and enjoy them... but most are later, have shorter pods, and do not bear as heavily as the Romano-type wax beans. I prefer pole beans & continue to collect pole wax varieties; but I would have to admit, in the round-podded class, bush varieties offer more diversity.
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The Kentucky Wonder Wax I grow are flat and definally yellow
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