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Hominy Corn

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  • Hominy Corn

    Any recommendation for a good hominy corn. I am planning on using it in an Mexican Pork Hominy stew(Posole).


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    Hey Dean; Also check out Hope Seed, they carry "Hominy" that was originally grown by the Micmac.


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      Dean, do you intend to make your own hominy from dried corn? Not easy you know, what with the ashes you have to use and all else.

      But if you want to be authentic you might take a look at the link I gave above and go down to the section on how to make hominy. Lots of recipes there as well.

      Glenn Drowns at is the curator of corns for SSE and lists a huge number of corns, many from indigenous tribes, so you might want to look there as well.

      Hope that helps.


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        "Dean, do you intend to make your own hominy from dried corn?"

        Yes, I planned to make my own hominy from dry corn. My mother in-law makes it all the time in Mexico. She soaks it in lime(cal) first and then rinses it and then cooks it. Her hominy is so much better then canned hominy around here. I just need to find the corn, the kernels she buys are larger then I have seen around here, so I am not sure what kind of corn it is.

        I will contact Sandhill Preservation to see if he has any recommendations.

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          Hey Dean; The corn with Large kernels is "Mexican June."


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            Thanks again Zebraman and Carolyn for the responses.

            I have finally decided this is the year for growing hominy corn and will integrate it into a three sister plan. My mother in-law is planning on living with us this fall, thus perfect time for her to show me how to make hominy from dried corn. Now I am on the lookout for food grade lime, with my fall back plan of using pickling lime if necessary.

            I am ordering from Sandhill Preservation again this season, so I have decided(I think) to order two types of Hickory King corn, if they have it available. The Hickory King appears to be a good hominy corn from this blurb via the SSE Yearbook by one person,
            It is considered the best variety for hominy because the skin of the kernel is easily removed by soaking.