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Best books about tomatoes (How-to-Grow, non-fiction, fiction)

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  • Best books about tomatoes (How-to-Grow, non-fiction, fiction)

    I am so enjoying learning about tomatoes and how to grow them. I have read a lot from tomato gardeners on different forums. I saw lots of wonderful sites that sell seeds and transplants.

    But I wanted to read even more about tomatoes so I went to the public library and got a whole bunch of gardening and tomato specific books. There were books with wonderful pictures of the tomatoes both whole and cut in half so you could see the cross section. There were great recipe books. There was a book written by someone who was trying to find a great tomato for mass market and he included lots of chapters about people past and present who developed and are presently developing hybrids and a chapter about an heirloom grower in No Cal. There was even a book that had a section with photos of tomatoes in art.

    I really enjoyed parts of all of these books. Some I enjoyed cover to cover.

    But if anyone has suggestions for a newbie (me) and better yet, if I can get it at the library to preview, before buying, please post the title and author, and let me know if it's a "basic tomato growing" book, cookbook, picture book of varieties, fiction, or what.

    I know there must be lots of people out there who've read these books because there were so many of them in our library.

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    100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden By Carolyn J. Male. Don't worry about previewing it, just get it. Here are a couple other titles that might interest you. Ami

    How to Grow World Record Tomatoes by Charles H. Wilber

    Giant Tomatoes by Marvin H. Meisner

    Let's grow Tomatoes by Jacob Mittleider and you can download it from the following site.