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Evaluating Saved Seed

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  • Evaluating Saved Seed

    I grew Luther Hill this year, and after harvest I was surprised to see some variations I did not expect. Normally I expect small wrinkled corn seed, but some of the kernels did not look the same, they had a lot of white in them, instead of being kind of translucent.

    I have some photos. Is anyone experienced with Luther Hill who can give me an opinion on this seed? Should I cull? Or is Luther Hill "just like that"?
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    Hello BarbRosholdt! Luther Hill should be entirely sweet corn, so all kernels should be small and wrinkled. Any flint and dent kernels (those that are not wrinkled and have more of a flint/flour inside) indicate cross-pollination. The sweet corn gene is a recessive trait. There is a possibility that saving only the sweet corn kernels could produce normal Luther Hill sweet corn next year - but I'm not 100% sure about the genetic purity of those kernels when the rest of the ear has mixed kernels.


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      I introduced LH to SSE. These seeds are flour corn kernels, a throwback to the origins of sweet corn. Save cobs without these seeds or remove the flour corn seeds if there are only a few. Do not plant them. Select for wrikled seed only. I am at if you need more info. If you find extra-tall plants (off-types) detassel them and do not save seeds fromthem. Best to you, Garrett


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        Great information, Garrett. I will toss the cobs that are mainly flour and keep the best.