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  • Stevia seeds saving


    I bought stevia seeds from everstevia and need to know how to save stevia seeds to spring (Toronto, Canada). It's still cold here, I think I should wait month or two to plant them. Anyone can help? I looked around everywhere, I cannot find any information on how to save stevia seeds, only about how to cultivate or grow stevia...

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    In cold climates, stevia has to be brought inside. I tried to save mine in the greenhouse and it wasn't protection enough. It was started in the greenhouse last year too. Check out the other post on it.

    Some more is going to get started tomarrow, in the house so we can keep a better eye on it. GOOD LUCK hunting! Will post again later.


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      Hi Aya, well, I'm at the other end of the world "here in Florida". But, my >new experience< with Stevia was just like yours; I could not find any info on saving seeds. Funny thing is, I have let mine go to seed or let it flower and dry, but I have not had any luck at what I would recognize as a seed. My Stevia dies back in the winter and comes back in the spring from the root. Again, this is Florida, no hard freezes, so maybe you can bring it in the house or cellar, and try putting it out next summer. This year I divided / cut small section off the parent plant (small amount of leaf stems and some root base) and it is doing just fine. If I have luck with growing it to flower again and have luck with seeds, I will post a msg. Bye for now


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        stevia from seed

        I wouldn't recommend growing Stevia from seed. Find a variety you like and take cuttings. I imagine like most herbs, going to seed affects the quality of the herb, like basil that has gone to seed is not as good.


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          Originally posted by Steve Gunter View Post
          I have let mine go to seed or let it flower and dry, but I have not had any luck at what I would recognize as a seed.
          No surprise you had trouble seeing the seed. I bought some and couldn't believe how tiny they are: maybe 1/8 inch long and about as fine as the hair on my wrist, which is very fine.

          My Stevia dies back in the winter and comes back in the spring from the root.
          Lucky you! But that gives us the clue that your suggestion might work - i.e. storing it dormant indoors for the winter. Thanks for the info.


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            I want to buy Stevia seeds in Canada.


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              Originally posted by fatcook View Post
              I want to buy Stevia seeds in Canada.
              There may be other sources but you can get then from West Coast Seeds in BC.



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                How to collect the seed?

                My Stevia plant is flowering but the blossoms are tiny and I'm wondering how it's possible to find and save the seed. Anyone with experience and advice, please pass it on.


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                  New Member

                  Hello I'm a new member to the SSE. Been thinking about joining for awhile now but my kids gave me a membership for Christmas and beat me to it. I am looking forward to learning more about saving seed. My wife and I have gardened for 40 years and have 7 raised beds. We save some seed but we could be saving more.


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                    savilng stevia seeds

                    I am new on this forum however I have had some success saving and growing stevia. I pulled an entire plant and let it dry completly over paper. After the plant was completly dry leaves and all were crushed with my hands onto the news paper the stalks were discarded. Because the seeds are so small I couldn't seperate them from the leaves. I then spred about half of the crushed leave and all over a flat partially filled with pro mix. I then covered the leaves/seed with thin layer of pro mix and watered it well. The flat was placed on bottom heat at about 80 degrees and kept moist for several weeks. Out of the possible thousands of seeds I think I got a little more than a dozen plants. Some were sweet but some were not. I may try it again this year wilth the remainder of the plant


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                      The flowers die back then explode like a dandelion (hope it makes sence) there's about 5 seeds per flower

                      To get it to flower and seed it needs to get cold I don't think a light frost but somewhere near (that's the ONLY time mine has flowered)

                      As for the seeds I've heard 1 the darker are the more viable and the ones even a year old don't germinate as well as fresh --I have some from 2010 that are coming up well tho most in that "system" including the tomatoes and peppers started to come up within 3-4 days


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                        I've bought my second pack of Stevia seed from SSE... no luck with even starting them the first time or second. I read that I need a sandy mix of soil and a greenhouse type of clamshell box. I have that now - anyone got any particular soil mix they like very well for this? I'd love to make my own Stevia extract. Thanks so much! I'm such a newbie... LOL I did have excellent luck with starting the Butternut Squash and plan to save those seeds for sure.


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                          This is fantastic!Good luck!!