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Mild Peppers?

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  • Mild Peppers?

    Can someone suggest a mild pepper? I am growing Sante Fe Grande and they are too hot for us. The catalog rates them at 3. Looking for a 1 or 1.5. Not hot, but not sweet either, asking too much? The main reason is I have an allergy to the chemical that makes them hot, but like a little spice. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Hey Garry88220,
    We grew Candlelight pepper this year and it seemed to be pretty mild. (Heat 2) in SSE. Great ornamental too! You might try Black Hungarian also but it might be close to Santa Fe. BH on Scoville's list is only 1,200 where Early Jalapeno is listed as a 5,000. Good luck! HH


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      I just picked and ate my first Cosa Arrugada pepper last night. I saw it rated as having mild heat. I really don't know if I detected any heat at all, but it was really delicious. It definitely added something special to my tomato sauce.

      OK, well, I was premature in recommending Cosa Arrugada. Yes, it can have a bit of some strongish heat. My new recommendation is Aji Habanero, which has the most misleading name in cuisine. They're beautiful, tasty and very mild, at least mine are. Can we do trades here?
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        Have you tried other species of peppers (chinense and baccatum)? I've found there are different heat types, so maybe you are alergic to only one of them. For example, I don't feel any heat in habaneros, and I do feel the heat in other varieties. I also had one very hot kind when raw, that lost the heat when cooked.


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          Territorial Seeds offers a non-hot Jalapeno called "Felicity", that looks like, and tastes like a jalapeno, but without the fire.
          They also have one called 'Pizza Pepper', which also looks like a jalapeno, but far less heat.


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            NuMex Suave Orange has a terrific intense smoky flavor - tastes like a Scotch Bonnet, but without the heat.


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              NuMex Suave also comes in a red. Both have Scoville ratings of 800.
              All of the NuMex varieties are available from their source:

              NMSU: The Chile Pepper Institute - Home

              New Mexico state U. US pepper capital.


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                Just joined. Can't find any other way to contact Seattle John. I live in Des Moines, WA.