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Ants on corn

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  • Ants on corn

    Hello All,

    I haven't grown corn in years. Tassles are shooting up and the corn itself is just starting to form. Problem is we have ants, lots of them. How can I get rid of them? They're climbing the stocks. Are the ants are after the silk which is just starting to make an appearance? I haven't seen any aphids. The folks at our classroom garden can't take 'em.

    What should I do?


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    Get some molasses and put it in the nests. I would also try to dilute it and spray the plants. Molasses does something to their exosqueleton, they die soon after.

    My friend in France made a tea of lemon balm, and sprayed them, they went to another corner of her garden.


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      Chances are, if you have ants on corn, you have aphids - whether you see them or not. They will be under the husk of the ears, on the tassels, or hidden where the leaves meet the stem. If there are nests below the corn, there may even be aphids on the corn roots.

      For the most part, neither the ants nor the aphids will cause problems for the corn. They are just an annoyance. But if the ants spread aphids to other plants, they could spread disease as well. I lost a soybean last year to wilt, which the ants methodically spread from plant to plant, all down the row. Other than soapy water to keep their numbers down, I haven't found a good organic solution for ant control.


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        check out the thread at

        best thing I have found online in regards to dealing with them without sending in the chemical forces.

        Tom Kleffman