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Help? Pumpkins rotting on vine.

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  • Help? Pumpkins rotting on vine.

    Hi! I am growing the field pumpkins for the first time. I have a multitude of small pumpkins, about 2 inches in diameter. Unfortunately, they are turning yellow, and where the flower is still attached, the pumpkins are rotting and dying. Some of my pumpkin plants have some yellow leaves but otherwise they are growing very well. Can anyone share some advice what might be going wrong and how to save the pumpkins? Thanks!

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    Are you sure they were pollinated? I don't grow pumpkins... but other squash I do and what you are describing sounds like what happens when they are not pollinated. There is also blossom end rot for pumpkins... but 2 inches is tiny, and the flower is still attached.

    <Stepping aside to let one of the big kids assist>


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      Thank you- this may be it. I have some pumpkins that are green and seem to be thriving, some on the same vine. I have some bees hanging around but maybe not enought to keep everything pollinated. Thank you for the post!


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        Try going out early in the morning and hand pollinating just to hedge your bets! Also the plants "sense" how much they can support and will sometimes abort fruits on a runner when others are established and growing well. Other things that sometimes cause newly-developing fruits to abort is extreme heat and a sudden change in watering, drying out or suddenly going to heavy watering.