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Help! My bush beans act like pole beans!

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  • Help! My bush beans act like pole beans!

    Now what?

    I bought Hutterite Soup beans and planted them under the corn, and now they're climbing up the stalks.

    I had bush beans last year, and they didn't act like this at all.

    Are they really pole beans and SSE mislabeled them in the online catalog? Are they overeager bush beans? Or do I potentially have nutrient issues in the soil?

    I'm totally, completely confused.

    (The SSE listing says this, just so you know I'm not wishfully reading:
    Catalog # 1438
    (Phaseolus vulgaris) The Hutterites are a communal branch of Anabaptists who follow the teachings of Jakob Hutter. This is one of their heirloom beans, which makes an excellent creamy white soup. Greenish-yellow seeds with a distinctive dark ring around the eye. Very productive plants. First offered by Will Bonsall in the 1983 SSE Yearbook. Bush habit, dry, 85-90 days.)

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    It is common for some bush bean varieties to send up runners, you can just clip them off or let them go, they shouldn't amount to anything. If for some reason, they continue to grow and act more like a pole bean, please contact us (563-382-5990) and we will look into this and replace your package.


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      If you planted them "under" the corn, they naturally will try to climb to get light. Sprawling types will climb if given a chance and it's normal for Hutterite Soup to sprawl.


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        I have some corn field beans that I have with to much light and they are not climbing, they are acting like bush beans,
        so it looks like they can do what they want depending on what light they get...
        good luck


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          In my experience, if bush beans have something to climb on close by, they will climb. They will not get as tall as the pole beans, though. If there is nothing to climb on, they will stay true to their bush form.

          If I am not mistaken, bush beans were bred from pole beans, so they still have that recessive gene that likes to climb


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            Bush beans are also more apt to climb a string or wire instead of something an inch or more thick. Black Turtle is strictly a bush but I've had them rush to the top of a 4' fence without slowing down.


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              Thanks for the responses, folks!

              Last year, I did the same thing... I planted bush beans under the corn. The corn that year grew really well, and the beans stayed bush.

              This year, my corn wasn't nearly as vigorous as last year, and the beans climbed all over the stalks.

              The seeds still matured, however oddly it acted!


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                LOL. I was interested in getting Hutterite Beans but didn't because I like pole beans and do not grow bush beans. Bad back.


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                  There are also some beans which must be grown as runners rather than climbers even if it looks like they want to climb. I trialed several varieties of beans from Africa last year and planted them as bush beans. Two sprawled all over and produced like crazy. Planted back as pole beans this year, production is virtually nil but the plants appear capable of climbing 20 feet high!