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  • Aloe

    I was wanting to know about aloe. I got a HUGE plant on sale from a nursery that I broke into at least 10 others. I kept momma and one baby and have had them for 3 years or so now. Recently the leaves have started drooping any ideas on that? Also I would like to know what to do with the leaves and how to extract the juice. I have been just sort of cutting off a part of a leaf and taping it around burns, etc like sort of a band-aid. I tried to scrape off the inner gel stuff to drink it, but it does not seem to work out very well. I would also like to know about breaking off leaves. They do not seem to heal well.

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    I can tell you how to process the aloe leaves. Take a relatively blunt knife (not serrated). Lay the leaf on a flat surface. Slice through the upper skin and go down to the bottom skin but not cut through it. Then use a scraping motion of the knife to scrape the meat portion off the bottom skin. This is akin to skinning a fish. You will see the glistening shiny gelatinous meat. Now turn this meat over with the skin side down. Use the same process to peal off the other skin. Do what you want with the meat. I like to make soup out of it. Just chop the meat into smaller pieces and stir fry it with slat pepper and whatever else spices you want. After it is well cooked, add some water and let it simmer. You have your aloe soup. To make it more palatable you can add other veges in it. Make sure the aloe you have is the eating variety.


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      The cutting process is absolutely right as said by ju1234, so m not gonna repeat it. One thing I must add is that you can use the gel of aloe leave in your face pack, also you can apply in your hair. It is highly nutritive and healthy for hair and skin.


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        The meat removing process here explained by ju1234 is absolutely appropriate. Hence, m not gonna repeat that.Besides, I shall add a point that other than eating or making soup, you can apply the gel in your face pack and in the hair. Aloe gel is very nutritive for hair and skin. I always use aloe gel, in my facial home made pack.It keeps the skin soft and healthy.


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          I always have aloe leaves in the freezer: They thaw quickly and the cold gel feels GREAT on burns & such.