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Hopi pale grey squash

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  • Hopi pale grey squash

    Hello all,

    I am hoping we can talk a little bit about Hopi pale grey squash. I did a forum search and didn't find much talk about it, but if this has been discussed before please feel free to point me in the right direction.

    Have any of you grown this? How did it go?

    I have heard of people growing this in the far northern parts of the United States (where I am) but I'm wondering how it does up here since it is originally from the southwest United States.

    Was it bothered by pests? Was it productive?

    Have you found that it prefers a certain type of soil?

    I'm also curious as to how well it keeps. I'm reading that it's a "good keeper" and "excellent keeper" but I would be interested to know exactly what that means.

    Can you give a description of the taste? Did you find that it worked well for certain kinds of recipes or not for others?

    OK, those are the questions thus far, please feel free to ramble on about this squash if you so desire.


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    Hopi Pale Grey Winter Squash

    I planted Hopi Pale Grey Winter Squash with seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I am a winter squash snob. I try new varieties every year to find that perfect winter squash. I prefer them dry, fine grained, sweet, and nutty tasting. One of my favorite has been Potimarron. However, after trying the Hopi Pale Grey, they were incredible! My family absolutely loved them! Here in Central Utah, the growing season for winter squash is short. I started them in my greenhouse at the first of April and planted them in the garden at the end of May. They did great! The vines stretched every where. Unfortunately, I did not get as many fruits as I would have liked. These are now my favorite winter squash and I will be planting them again next year. They were very resistant to squash bugs and other pests. If you can find the seeds, try them. I saved seeds but I can't guarantee that they didn't cross with any other variety. I did have Buttercup squash planted on the other side of the garden.


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      I grew them this year, grew fairly well in low nitrogen soil, did not have any issues with bugs (but then the pepo ones were the only ones I had bug issues with and that was only with aphids) they died back before many other squash but right there with many annuals I grew. it should be the only maxima squash I grew and neighbors gardens are at least 1/4 mile away, so likely the seeds are pure if you want some, I have not tried to eat or open them yet.


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        I'm in Australia and bought some Hopi Pale Grey seed from Baker's Creek (not available at this time from them...not sure if it is temporary lack of supply??). But due to the difference in seasons planted some late and got a couple (were some germination issues...poor). The 2 vines that did grow however were very robust and not bothered by insects. By far the best tasting winter squash we have ever had. Grew them again this year with seed left over and some I had saved and had the same germination problems. But have a couple up.


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          hello all.. newby here from a sm cabin in the bush in northern ontario canada.

          this is my first yr growing hopi pale grey and I am very satisfied. as well as getting a decent crop I am now the proud owner of many seeds.
          I had so much trouble finding seed that i made sure that no other cucurbits were grown this yr,
          next yr I will grow diff varieties of squash etc as well as hopi, now that i have my seeds..
          super tasting and long keeper.. I had read in some places that they keep for 18-24 months..
          at first i wondered why that would be a good thing until I ralised...

          what if we lose a season..?